Best way to make your skin look better

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A lot of people believe that a certain expensive serum or night cream will fix your skin concerns/problems. Well, this is not 100% wrong. Some serum may make your skin feel tight or some cream may make your skin feel softer. But the truth is that food you eat everyday will definitely make your skin look better. Surprise? Yes, it is true. Do you remember the TV program called “You are what you eat”?  Yep, that applies to your skin as well as your body. Sorry, it might sound boring but I can not stress enough of this that you need to eat clean food to make your skin look better and feel better about yourself.

Here are example of good food you should eat below.


So don’t spend insane amount of money on some expensive serum or night cream hoping that a miracle would happen or even worse to think that they are going to lift your eye! Don’t get me wrong, it’s OK to splurge sometimes on a luxury brand or a facial treatment on yourself because I do enjoy using a high end product on myself, but please look after your skin by drink lot’s of water, eating healthy food, sleep enough, have a regular exercise, do the skincare routine and put some sun cream on all the time. Also, limit your alcohol and caffeine intake, avoid junk food/drink too.

Believe me, if you take these advise, you will see the difference in your skin clearly. And if you would like to look the best of you on your wedding day, this is the golden rule you should definitely follow. Good luck x








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