Makeup that’s been loved so much 💕

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These are the eye makeup that I’ve been obsessing over, using them every day on myself and as you can see the photo above (the mascara’s been put on for the comparison), the pencils’s gone so tiny that I can’t twist them to sharpen them up in a sharpener!! I bought them from Charlotte Tilbury and she is THE most sought after makeup artist at the moment, in my opinion. The photo shown are ROCK ‘N’ KOHL in
Bedroom Black (down), and COLOUR CHAMELEON in Dark Pearl (up).

They are so versatile that they can be worn on any shape/colour of eyes and also can be worn for a night out by layering extra with no smudge at all, you can even wear them to the gym!! I’m not sure how many of them I’ve bought in the past (one’s for my kit, one’s for my personal use), but I would certainly recommend them to all my readers, you won’t be disappointed!! x

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